the blog is back!

hey folk!

i do apologize for my lack of blogging, but i've been very distracted :) i promise to do better.

i do have two updates.
#1: new product has been added to the jewelry inventory. and more is on the way, including more polymer clay. also the men will start to get their due. be on the lookout.
#2: the site has a new look! i hope you really like it. enjo

new blog, same old me!

hey folk! as you can tell, i have new digs. i made the switch from typepad to blogger. hopefully i'll enjoy my stay. i do apologize for being lazy when it comes to posting. i plan to rectify that really soon. so far, i've been working on a pretty large wedding party. that's kept me busy.

i made a video!

here's a video i made about making button rings. to me they're the neatest thing :)

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checking out...

artfire :)

it seems like a cool spot. it's another online market like etsy, dawanda and a bunch of other spots. i've listed a few items there. but as you know aquababie handmade is my baby! that means i won't be jumping ship for either site. i've found these sites are cool, especially if you don't want the expense of maintaining a website, fooling with web designers and things of that nature.

frankly i like to think of my etsy shop and this new artfire shop as satellites of my own site. i post things there. and people can see what i offer, but i like to drive folk back to my home site. i don't have to pay for listing (like with etsy) and i don't have to pay $7 a month or become a verified member (like artfire).

i'm gonna see how it goes and let yall know :)